One Touch Payment


What is One Touch payment and how secure is this solution?

One Touch payment is the first biometric authentication solution with 2FA for payments in India. It is offered in partnership with your bank. OneTouch payment eliminates the need for username, password, grid numbers, security questions and OTPs which are susceptible...


How can I start using One Touch payment?

While making a netbanking payment for an investment in Scripbox with the mobile app, to activate One Touch payment, make sure that the phone number in the Scripbox account matches with your bank verified phone number. Then login to your...


How is the One Touch payment beneficial to me?

It is quicker and more secure. As a user, you just need to tap the pay button and use your Fingerprint/Face ID. You don’t need to go through the friction of entering your username, password, grid numbers, security questions and...


How much time will I save by using One Touch Payment?

Typical net banking transactions take around 45 to 60 seconds and the user has to make 30 to 40 clicks. By using One Touch Payment, you can complete a net banking transaction within 2 to 3 seconds by using your...


What is Two-Factor Authentication(2FA)? Why is it required?

2FA is mandated by RBI to increase the security of all digital transactions by requiring two factors of authentication. The factors of authentication can be a username, password, grid numbers, security questions, OTP, Fingerprint or Face ID.

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