Emergency Fund - Liquid


What happens after I have used up my emergency corpus?

Make sure you replenish your Scripbox Emergency Money the moment you are able to. Review your monthly expenses periodically and make room when you can.


How is Emergency Money from Scripbox better than an FD or a savings account?

You can always keep your money in a savings a/c but that makes it hard for you to differentiate between your regular inflow/outflow. It’s best to stash your emergency money in a separate instrument, such as an FD or a...


Can I choose a different amount instead of saving for 4 months of my salary?

Currently, the personalised calculator of Scripbox Emergency Money calculates 4 months of your salary. This will be sufficient for approximately 6 months’ expenses. Once you start investing, you can modify your plan based on your needs and convenience.


Why can’t I just take a personal loan for emergencies?

Yes. You can. But a loan will have to be repaid with interest. Instead of paying a personal loan EMI, you can do a SIP now and create your Emergency Money. Also it’s possible that the bank may not give...

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