Investing and Withdrawing

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How I resolve issues I am facing using Net Banking?

If you face issues with investing using Net Banking or UPI, please follow the instructions below. If money has not been debited from your bank account You don’t have to worry. Most likely there was a temporary technical issue. The...

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Are there any charges/penalty for a failed transaction?

Scripbox will not apply a charge/penalty for any failed transaction. However, your bank may charge you a fee for a failed ECS debit.

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Can you sell my investments without my knowledge?

No. The mutual fund company will send you a statement of transaction within 2-3 working days after your mutual funds are redeemed. They will also usually send you an email informing you of any transactions on your account.

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Is there a way to independently verify that my Scripbox statements are correct?

Yes. The mutual fund company will send you transaction advices as well as monthly and quarterly statements. You can compare these to the information available in the 'Funds invested’ section of Scripbox.

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What happens when you change the portfolio after a year?

When our recommended portfolio is changed in tandem with the best investment practices:   Your standing instructions (SIPs) are changed so that your new investments are made into the new portfolio. Scripbox helps you do it very easily with our ‘One-Click...

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