Retire Confident


How will Scripbox help me save for my retirement?

We will help you put a practical action plan in place to create your financially freedom plan. 1. Financial goal setting: Estimate the right amount you will need to generate a growing income that keeps pace with inflation. Our blog...


Do you take into account emergency requirements like medical and other expenses that are likely to come up in old age?

A small part of emergency requirements is built into this plan but not entirely. We recommend that you save for your emergency needs as well.


Will I be able to stop working completely or need to provide additional income as a supplement to the corpus?

This plan will take care of your required retirement amount based on your current monthly expenses. However, if you feel that your expenses post retirement will be higher than your current expenses, then you can add additional income as a...


What are the steps to replan my goal?

Here are the steps to replan: Login to your Scripbox accountClick on Invest MoreSelect Global Education plan / Premier Education plan / Retire Confident / My First CroreClick against the percentage achievedClick on Edit PlanEdit the required details & click on...


What will happen if I don’t replan my goal?

There will be no change in your investment instruction and your standing instructions will be executed as it is. We recommend that you replan your goal at least once in a year. It will help you to update your goal...

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