Long Term Wealth


How should one choose between Equity and Debt when it comes to investments?

For short term investments (less than 5 years), choose debt funds and for goals longer than 5 years, choose equity. Some investors may choose debt funds for longer investments as well because they would like more certainty. In that case...


What are the withdrawal charges? Are there any taxes to pay?

Scripbox does not have any withdrawal charges. However, at the time of withdrawal, depending on whether your investments are classified as short-term or long-term, you may incur exit loads (to the mutual fund company) or capital gains taxes. Exit loads...


What is Scripbox Long Term Wealth?

Scripbox Long Term Wealth is a portfolio of equity mutual funds selected by our scientific algorithm that aim to generate inflation-beating returns over the long run (5+ years) & grow your wealth. Historically it has provided a growth rate of 12-14%.It...


How long should I invest in the Scripbox Long Term Wealth?

Based on the data analysis, the ideal time frame is for more than 5 years.


What are the steps to Switch to Liquid?

Here are the steps to Switch to Liquid: Login to your Scripbox accountClick on InvestSelect Long Term Wealth / Wealth EdgeScroll down to the funds you want to initiate the switch Click on the three dots & select Switch to...

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