Emergency Money


Are mutual funds the right place to park my money for emergencies?

Yes, absolutely! You will be investing in Liquid Mutual Funds. So, your money will not really have down-market risks.  After figuring out how big a corpus you need, choose an appropriate investment option. Remember, accessibility of your money (and not...


Does the Scripbox Emergency Money have accidental cover in case I face one?

No. Currently, Scripbox Emergency Money doesn’t have accidental cover.


What is Scripbox Emergency Money?

Scripbox Emergency Money helps you prepare for the unplanned. It helps you set aside a sufficient amount of money that you can use during the surprises that life throws at you.  Here are some times where Scripbox Emergency Money can...


How much money should I have in my Scripbox Emergency Money?

It’s recommended that one should keep a minimum of 4 months of their salary as an emergency corpus. If you have dependents (like family), then 6 months or more of your salary is a must. Since this can’t be built...


Does Scripbox Emergency Money have a lock-in period?

There is no lock-in period.However, it is recommended that you withdraw the money only in case of an emergency and not otherwise.

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