Tax Saver


What are Tax-Saving or ELSS funds?

ELSS or Equity Linked Saving Scheme is a type of open-ended equity mutual fund that has the dual benefit of growing your wealth and saving tax. ELSS funds invest majorly in equity and equity related products and have a lock-in...


What is the minimum investment amount required for Scripbox Tax Saver?

The minimum investment amount required for investing in Scripbox Tax Saver is Rs. 500. For Non-Resident Indian / Mariners / PIO not residing in India: You can start investing with Rs.10,000 per month andRs.20,000 when invested for the first time...


Should I do one-time or lump sum investment or opt for an SIP in ELSS/Tax-Saving funds?

It’s recommended you opt for an SIP as it helps you save systematically. Here’s why we recommend opting for an SIP: Since ELSS funds are equity mutual funds, SIPs reduce volatility for better long term returns Become disciplined in your tax...


How to claim the tax benefits offered by Scripbox Tax Saver?

In order to claim the tax benefits, you will be provided with a tax investment certificate that can be downloaded from your Scripbox dashboard.Steps to download the statement: Login to Scripbox accountClick on More (if on app), Account Statements (if on...


Why should I invest in ELSS/Tax-Saving funds?

There are a number of benefits of investing in ELSS funds. Starts at just Rs. 500 -you can start investing in ELSS funds at a low starting amount of just Rs.500. Tax saving - ELSS funds qualify for tax saving. Investments in ELSS funds...

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