Child Headstart


What is Scripbox Child Headstart?

Scripbox Child Headstart is a goal based monthly Systematic Investment Plan where one can create a fund of rupees one crore for his/her child’s future.


How does Scripbox Child Headstart works?

It’s easy to save a crore by following these three steps:  Invest regularly. Choose your growth approach. We have three different growth approaches defined for you based on your risk appetite which decides how fast your money can grow. - Active Growth -...


Why to invest in Scripbox Headstart plan?

For most parents, a primary reason they even seek to increase their earnings or start investing is to provide a bright future for their children. This has remained true, especially in India, since decades. Especially in metro cities, considering the...


The SIP is high for Scripbox Child Headstart?

The type of plan you have selected requires you to start investing with the suggested amount to reach your goal by a definite period of time. 


What is the minimum investment amount for Scripbox Child Headstart?

There is no minimum amount to get started with for Scripbox Child Headstart. The amount is recommended based on child's age & by when you want to gift a crore for their challenging adulthood. 

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