Account Opening


How do I create a Scripbox account?

You can create your Scripbox account by clicking here  However, we recommend you to decide on your Financial goal first & with the help of our planner you could plan your investments i.e. how to achieve your goal.  Once you have created your...


Why do you insist on these requirements?

Some of these requirements are specified by SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India). Others have been included by us in order to simplify the registration process for the majority of investors.


Can I provide my bank account number for my spouse’s Scripbox account?

No. The investor in whose name the Scripbox is created must be one of the holders of the bank account. In case of joint bank accounts, the first or primary investor must be one of the holders of the bank...


Can I create a Scripbox account that is jointly held by two or more persons?

No. Scripbox does not support joint accounts at this time. We recommend that you include the second person as a nominee.  To make an investment for your family member you could create a plan for their investment goal by using our...


Are there any charges for linking my bank account for automated investments?

Scripbox does not charge you any money for linking your bank account for automated transfers. However, your bank may levy a one-time fee for linking your bank account with Scripbox. This fee is determined by the bank. Bank linking via...

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