Can I redeem my mutual fund investments without going through Scripbox? Can I buy more in the same folio without going through Scripbox?

YES, you can.

However, these withdrawals (or investments) will not reflect in your Scripbox account unless you record our code (ARN-84967) in the space provided for ARN Code (sometimes also called ‘Broker Code’). This may also lead to transaction errors as we don’t have complete information of your folio on which transaction instructions are being issued.  To conclude, while we don’t recommend it, you may invest or withdraw directly but if doing so, please use our ARN Code so you may be able to see the net result in your Scripbox account. 

Please note that while we’re fully accountable to you for transactions done on, we will not be able to take responsibility or provide customer service for transactions done on any other platform or website.

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