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retirement affordability

What will we be able to afford during our retirement?

What can we afford once retirement comes? Let’s help you figure out the answer to this interesting question.

car loan

Taking a Car loan this festive season? Consider these factors first

If you are planning to capitalise on offers on car loans this festive season, here’s what you should keep in mind first.

fund of fund

When does a Fund-of-fund make sense?

Everything you wanted to know about fund-of-funds that can help you decide if they are right for you.

lapsed insurance policy

Term policy lapse – Should you revive it or seek a new one?

What’s more financially prudent? What are the challenges involved in reviving a policy and when is it a viable option? Let’s find out.

Where to keep retirement money?

Where do you keep your retirement money?

Learn what works best for storing your retirement corpus. And yes, not all of it need be in “safe” fixed income investments!

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saving for retirement

How much should you save, and invest, for retirement?

Wondering how much to save for retirement? Here’s how you can go about finding your number that you can then save and invest towards.

multiple life insurance policies

Should you own multiple life insurance policies?

Is buying insurance supposed to be a one-time affair? Does it ever make sense to own multiple life insurance policies? Let’s find out.

risk profiling

Why Risk Profiling is important in financial planning?

Ever wondered why every financial advisor wants to understand your risk profile and why experts keep talking about it so much? Let’s find out.