Teach Your Kids This Habit

Teaching Your Kids  About Money

It’s important to educate your kids about money and have frank conversations about it. It will help them develop a healthy relationship with money when they are older.

Spending And Saving

One of the golden rules of money management is saving.  It’s important to save a certain amount of your earnings, no matter how big or small your allowance, pocket money or paycheck. 

Investing Is What Will Set Them Apart

The habit you should inculcate in them from a young age is the habit of investing.  In the long run, investing is what will help them build wealth and become financially secure. 

Why Invest?

Money that’s in the bank is a safety net. But it’s also money that’s earning little by way of interest.  When some of that is invested, the returns over a 5-7 year period are much greater. 

The Magic Of Compounding

When you invest, compounding takes over - you earn interest on the invested amount, and interest on the interest earned previously as time goes on!  That’s a pretty sweet deal. 

Start Small

Your kids can start small by investing their money in a monthly SIP or Systematic Investment Plan that puts money into mutual funds.

The Benefit Of Mutual Funds

Mutual funds collect money from several investors, pool it together, and the fund is managed by a fund manager who does thorough research to ensure good results. 

Learn More About Mutual Funds

Mutual funds are a great way for your kids to invest, for both the short and long term.  Learn more about how and where to invest in Scripbox.

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.