Single? Here’s How You Can Retire Early

The Financial Benefit Of Being Single

If you are single and have a high disposable income, chances are, you can retire early, if you play your cards right. Here’s how.

Disposable Income

An individual’s disposable personal income (DPI), is the amount of money that he/she has for saving and spending after income tax has been deducted. Singles tend to have higher DPIs.

Why Singles Have Higher Disposable Income

The household usually comprises just one person, and there is less outgoing in the form of children’s expenses related to schooling and healthcare. 

Why You Can Retire Early

Since you have more money to save, you can put more of it towards an early retirement fund and work towards achieving that goal sooner rather than later. 

How Much?

Retirement requires you to save up at least 25x of your annual expenses (includes fixed, variable & loan repayment expenses). The longer your earning period, the more comfortable your retirement. 

Beating Inflation

You need to invest your savings in such a way that it generates enough returns for you to live on and also grows and beats inflation. Also, it’s a good idea to have your own house. 

Expense Control

You will have to control your expenses so that they are managed by the returns from your investments. This means, the lower your expenses are, the sooner you can retire!

Mutual Funds

MFs are a great tool for your retirement fund. Several investors pool their money into the fund, which is managed by an expert fund manager to ensure the best results and returns. 

Choose The Right Fund

Opt for equity funds that can provide inflation-beating growth and help you build a sufficiently large corpus efficiently. 

Invest With Help From Scripbox

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Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.