a portfolio or a  plan is better than merely selecting  an equity fund?


A portfolio is better aligned to a holistic planning approach  rather than a single fund

Why # 1

A single mutual fund simply can’t achieve  needs for both long -term and short-term  goals efficiently.

Exposure across sectors  within equity

Having at least one large-cap and one  multi-cap equity fund in your portfolio  ensures exposure to growth opportunities  from all angles.

Why # 2

Why # 3

Hedging your  investments across funds  and AMCs

You need to spread out your investments  reasonably across funds and asset  management companies, so you are not  over-dependent on any 1 fund. 

Why # 4

Funds can become misaligned  with your investment  objectives

Few funds have remained consistent  outperformers over a multiple decades. You  will often need to shift to a fund that is more  aligned with your plans and objectives.

So choose  a portfolio of  funds and not  just a mutual fund!