L&T MF Merged with HSBC Mutual Fund

Ceases to Exist as a Mutual Fund House from 6th April 2023


SEBI Approval: 14th October 2022 Merger of Funds: 25th November 2022 L&T MF Cease to Exist: 6th April 2023

Merger Details

New Sponsor: HSCI New Trustee: HSBC Trustees New Management: HSBC AMC L&T AMC’s Share Capital: Acquired by HSBC AMC

Impact on L&T and HSBC Funds

1. Some L&T funds and HSBC funds renamed: Only Name Change, no change in NAV and investment value.

Impact on L&T and HSBC Funds

Contd.. 2. Some L&T funds merged with HSBC funds: NAV will be re-computed with no change in investment value.

L&T MF still Liable

for pre-surrender violations of Sebi Act and MF regulations, including penalties.

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