Investing In Experiences Vs Things

Millennial Spending

Millennials are known to spend a pretty penny on tech and gadgets - but they are also the champions of investing in experiences over material things.

Things Can Lose  Their Value

Some of the “things” we put our money towards - a home, a piece of art or land - may appreciate over time. But a lot of other things, like gadgets and cars, depreciate. 

Why Experiences Matter

Experiences can enrich you in many ways, whether it’s upskilling, immersing yourself in another culture or taking a restorative trip.

They can also make you more adaptive.

The Emotional Connect

We are fuelled by emotions - and experiences that leave us feeling better and happier can  boost our creativity and productivity on the personal and professional front. 

Experience The Best With Mutual Funds

One of the best ways to work towards investing in experiences - and making them a reality - is by investing in mutual funds.

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds gather money from several investors which is pooled together.

That money is managed by a fund manager who does intensive research to ensure all investors get good growth.


Different mutual funds are suited for different durations.

Equity funds are generally meant for above 5 years, while debt funds are more apt for 1-5 years.

Time Frame + Type Of Experience

Choose a fund based on the experience you’re saving for - a holiday, a cruise, wellness retreat, an intensive academic course abroad - and how soon it will happen.

Start Investing

Once you zero in on the kind of experience you want, understand how much it will cost you and how long you have to save up for it - invest in an MF that helps you achieve that goal.

Invest With Scripbox

At Scripbox we have a range of investment options suited to every kind of financial goal.

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.