IDFC Mutual Fund is now "Bandhan Mutual Fund"

IDFC Group was acquired by the consortium - Bandhan Financial Holdings Limited (BFHL), GIC, and ChrysCapital. Bandhan holds 60% of the acquired entity, with control of operations, while the other two will hold 20% each in the AMC.

BFHL Update

In April 2022

Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) approved the deal.

In November 2022,

IDFC Mutual Fund is set to adopt its new brand identity as Bandhan Mutual Fund and its schemes will reflect the new name. ‘IDFC’ in the fund’s name will be replaced by ‘Bandhan’

Mutual Fund Sponsor: BFHL will be the sponsor of the mutual fund

From March 13, 2023

“The underlying investment strategy, processes, and team will remain the same, so investors can benefit from the same high-quality investment approach that the fund house is reputed for.”

The Company’s Statement read…

“Our new name reflects our new sponsorship, and we are proud to now be a part of the Bandhan Group. Backed by the legacy, goodwill, and inclusiveness that our Sponsors represent, we are confident that our investors will continue to benefit from the same passion, expertise, and focus that they have experienced over the years,” said Vishal Kapoor, CEO of the AMC.

Message from the CEO

Bandhan Mutual Fund Logo will closely resemble the Bandhan Bank’s logo with some additional colours and styling. Mutual Fund Regulators have objected the use of Bandhan Bank logo for its mutual fund operations.

Bandhan Mutual Fund Logo