How MFs Can Fund Your Dream Vacation 

Vacations:  A Non-Negotiable

Whether it’s a backpacking trip across Cambodia, the Great Barrier Reef, Disneyworld or skiing in Gulmarg, everyone has a travel bucket list. 

But how do you make it work financially?

Can You Afford It?

Should you indulge in a trip you can’t afford and drain your savings, or make an effort to ensure you can afford it? 

Don’t holiday today, pay tomorrow. Go EMI-free - here’s how.


In reality, you can’t afford the holiday - but have decided that you can afford to convert the spending into a loan, for which you pay a finance company a monthly repayment instalment.

EMIs Can Be A Burden

Circumstances may change - you may lose your job, an emergency may require you to divert funds. 

Your holiday EMI gets delayed, and additional charges crop up.

Plan In Advance

You need your annual breaks - so why not plan ahead by investing in mutual funds via the SIP route?

 Estimate an amount you will need and work backwards.

Time Frame

Vacations are short-to-medium term goals. So look for a mutual fund scheme that suits your time frame.

If you plan to go on holiday in less than 3 months, opt for liquid funds.

The Right Debt Funds

You can plan your holiday by investing in the right funds.

Invest just Rs.12,500 per month in a good set of debt funds, you can save enough for a 2-week backpacking trip to Europe.

Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.