Home-Owning  Vs  Renting

Domain Dilemma

You need a space to call your own - but do you really need to be a homeowner?

You can certainly make a rental feel like home with the right decor. Here’s a look at the pros and cons.

Property Price Trends

Price movement is the major trigger for a home purchase decision. If property prices go up, you pay a higher amount.

So, buying a home early in life means potentially locking in  lower rates.

Home Loans

While you may be earning well now and can afford a home, taking a loan involves a big financial commitment that will span a long period - over a decade!

Down Payment

Accumulate at least 20% of your property value before buying a home. Invest your savings regularly into a mix of equity and debt funds, till you hit the target. 


High rental is a reason why many people choose to take a loan and buy a home.

Living close to work means paying at least 30%-40% of your take-home salary as rent, especially in larger cities. 

The Case For Buying A Home

While renting is how most young professionals start out, they do pivot to buying a home depending on how fast their incomes rise.

EMIs Vs Rent

The thought process is - if you are paying high rental each month, you might as well put that amount towards an EMI for a place that is actually your own. 

The Reality Of EMIs

Most banks won’t give you a loan if your EMI exceeds 40%-50% of your take-home income, jointly or singly.

Get Financially Stable

So instead of jumping to buy a home as soon as your salary allows you to afford the EMI, strengthen your financial position first.

Choose Wisely

Owning a house is certainly a matter of pride - but before you buy, ensure your finances are in order and that you can actually afford it in the long run!

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