Habits That Will Make Rich

The truth is, becoming rich doesn’t happen overnight (in most cases).  It’s a matter of consistently making the right financial decisions that can help you grow the money you earn. 

Building Wealth Or Getting Rich?

However much you may earn in a year, you must put aside 20-30% of your take-home pay into savings.  This is money you can use as you please, or invest later. 

Always Leave Room For Savings

These two principles go hand in hand. Maintain a budget - needs and wants, bills and rent/loan payments - and keep a track of all the money that’s flowing out. 

Have A Budget, Track Your Spends

In addition to savings, you must have an emergency fund that you can dip into - a medical emergency, job loss etc.  This is a financial cushion to tide over tough times. 

Financial Cushion/Emergency Fund

When you set goals (buying a house, saving for a child’s college or a holiday) you have something to work towards and you will make sure you grow your wealth to meet them. 

Set Goals

Money that’s sitting idle in the bank is money that isn’t growing much.  Instead, if you invest it, you can grow that money into a much larger amount over a period of time, from 5-15 years.


Many people are wary of investing in the stock market since they don’t follow trends - that’s where mutual funds come in. 

Try Mutual Funds 

Investors pool their money together and put it into a common fund, which is managed by a fund manager who does research and keeps track of market trends to ensure you get the best growth.

How MFs Work

If you are new to investing or would like to explore mutual funds, we can guide you.

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Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully.