Frugality For The Salaried During COVID

The COVID-19 Upheaval

The past year saw a complete upheaval in the job market. Shelter in place issues were announced, work from home became the norm and many sectors saw massive layoffs.

How Income Was Affected

Manufacturing units were shut, service and hospitality came to a standstill and payments dried up. Many salaried individuals experienced pay cuts and delays.

We’re Not Out Of The Woods Yet

Just as we thought we beat the pandemic - we’re now in the midst of a second deadly wave. And it looks like there may be more financial strain in the days ahead.

Spending Wisely Is Imperative

Whether you are single, married, or paying off a loan, you need to make sure you are spending wisely and only on things that are absolutely necessary.

Review Subscriptions And Memberships

You likely have magazine, app and streaming subscriptions you don’t really use. Unsubscribe - it amounts to quite a bit annually.

Automate Payments

Instead of waiting to pay manually, automate payments for electricity, phone, credit cards etc. This way you won’t end up paying late fees.


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