5 Steps  To Ensure You  Are Never Out  Of A Job

by Satyam Pati

Published on September 4, 2020

1. Understand your role and then self-assess

Know the top two or three  things you do in your job and  which actually involve a skill.  That is what you know and are  paid for. If in doubt, talk to  your manager. Note this down.

2. Plot your skill journey

List the skills you must acquire  to progress in your current role.

But what if your industry  changes? How do you know if  an investment in the skills of  your current industry make  sense?

3. See the change coming

Understand how your industry has evolved, and what has normally been the precursor for change in that industry.Make a list of the “new” skills that the industry may require. Can you acquire them before everyone else?

4. Understand alternatives to the industry you operate in

The next step for you is to understand the value of the skills you have in that industry and the applicability of these in other industries.

5. Invest time and money in your learning and skill development

Each year you must allocate a certain percentage of your earnings as well as time to updating your existing skills or acquiring new/related skills. List down the skills you “must” acquire or upgrade. Find out if it requires an investment of only time or money as well.