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In phase 1, we are migrating customers with investments in Upwardly Plans and Upwardly Goals. You will now be able to view your investments, SIPs, account details on, and the Scripbox apps on Android and iOS.

If you wish, you can start investing using the scripbox app as well. Once you do that, we will disable your account on

Starting 20th August, phase 1 customers can view their investments on both and Post 20th September, you will only be able to use and we will deactivate your account on

Yes, you would be able to access until September 20th. Post which your account will be permanently migrated to Scripbox.

Once migration is complete, all your investments will be managed by the unified Scripbox and Upwardly team. The time-tested algorithms of portfolio management (Portfolio Scan and Annual Rebalance) will now apply to all your investments.

Our endeavour is to keep the migration completely seamless and offer you much more post migration.

Here is a complete summary of all the extras

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Yes, your SIPs will continue and you can invest in the same funds going forward. There are restrictions (dividend payout, dividend reinvestment, fixed maturity plans, no lump sum investment funds) in the funds that Scripbox offers and if you have not invested in them before, you will not be able to do so on Scripbox.

Click on "Invest more" within any of the plans and you will see our recommended funds within each plan. If you wish to pick a fund of your choice, you can click on "I want to pick my own funds" and search for the fund of your choice. Our recommendation for each fund will be available on the fund factsheet. It will either be "Recommended", "Top Ranked" or "Not Recommended".