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Covid 19, market volatility, possible salary cuts, job losses — we know there's a LOT going on, and you might be feeling overwhelmed.

While there are some things we can't change, we can help you figure if you are saving enough, how your investments are doing, if you are protected enough.

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This is how you are doing.

COVID 19 cases are covered under health insurance, as per the latest IRDAI notice.

Ideally, your savings should be:

30 %

of your monthly income

Use the next few weeks to reduce your non-essential expenses and put them aside in your bank account or in liquid funds.

Have an ongoing EMI? With falling interest rates, you should look at re-financing this. If you have a floating rate, this should go down.


Ideally, your emergency fund should be:

4 X

of your monthly income

Since your monthly income is uncertain, you should explore alternate sources of cash.

If your investment horizon is lesser than 5 years, you could explore moving them to Liquid or Overnight Funds.

"Stay Invested" is the investing equivalent of Social Distancing. It's difficult to follow through emotionally, given the market ups-and-downs, but there are multiple, time-tested theories, to suggest that this is the best mantra for you to follow.

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