About Scripbox

We use a scientific algorithm to select the best mutual funds for you from the 8000+ out there. We recommend just 10 funds: 4 long-term equity funds; 3 short-term debt funds, 2 tax-saving funds and 1 any time cash debt fund with a debit card for daily spending.

Start a Monthly Investment (SIP)

Automate your monthly investing in just a few clicks. You can modify, cancel or skip an investment any time.

Invest One Time

Got a bonus? Invest a lump sum amount any time via auto-transfer or net banking.


Withdrawing is as easy as investing and completely online. Money comes directly back to your bank account. We will also let you know if you are likely to incur any costs or taxes - so you can avoid them.

Modify the Investment

Entered an incorrect amount or date? See how you can modify the investment easily.

Skip a Month

Want to skip an investment for this month? You can do it in a few click of buttons.

Change Portfolio

We review the recommended funds every year to ensure that you are always invested in the best. You can change your investment instructions in just a few clicks.


When we change portfolio, you may have money in funds that are no longer recommended. We help you switch your money to the new funds while making sure that you don't lose any money to taxes and exit loads.

Cancel an Investment

Placed an investment by mistake? Cancel it easily.