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Formerly Tata Money Market Reg Gr

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Tata Liquid Fund (Growth)



NAV (May 20)

3 Year CAGR
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Track Record

18 Years. The fund has an Extended history for analysis and the track record is excellent.

Relative Size

10,783 Cr. Large within the category

Impact of Interest Rate Changes

Lowest Interest Rate Risk. The impact on fund value is very low when interest rates change

Credit Quality Of Fund's Portfolio

Moderate Credit Risk. The fund has a moderate credit quality compared to other debt funds

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Investment Calculator

Investment Duration5 years


Total Investment


Wealth Gained


Total Corpus Created (₹)

With CAGR of 11.25 % in 5 years

Historical NAV


NAV (May 20)

Fund Returns

Last 1Y


Last 3Y


Last 5Y


Last 10Y


Since Inception


6 Month CAGR


Scheme Information

Investment Objective

The investment objective is to generate reasonable returns with high liquidity to the unitholders

Expense Ratio


Launched (18y ago)

Sep 01, 2004

AUM in Crores





No Lock-in



SIP Minimum


Lumpsum Min.


Fund Managers

Amit Somani

Fund Manager

Abhishek Sonthalia

Fund Manager

Returns Calculator Comparison



with step up of

InstrumentReturnsTotal CorpusGainsAnnualised %
Mutual Fund70%965,796 233,18411.25%
EPF70% 900,761 168,1498.50%
Property70% 867,662 135,0507.00%
PPF70% 869,819 137,2077.10%
Bank FD70% 846,471 113,8596.00%
Gold70% 846,471 113,8596.00%
Savings Bank70% 825,950 93,3385.00%

Disclaimer: Products compared like fixed deposits may provide fixed guaranteed returns. Mutual Funds investments are subject to market risk, read all scheme related documents carefully before investing. Past performance is not an indicator of future returns.

Asset allocation and Holdings

Last updated on 2022-05-20

Top Debt Holdings

91 Days Treasury Bill 28-07-2022


8.15% govt stock 2022


housing development finance corporation limited


reliance jio infocomm limited


grasim industries limited

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Comparison with Debt Funds

Fund NameScripbox OpinionFund SizeTrack Record
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₹ 40,402 cr


About the AMC

Tata Asset Management Limited

Tata Asset Management Private Limited manages assets worth 89,244 crores and was set up on 15 March 1994. It's current offering of mutual fund schemes includes 59 equity,80 debt and 21 hybrid funds.


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  • service@tataamc.com
  • Fund NameScripbox Opinion
    Till Date CAGR











    Investment Calculator

    Investment Duration5 years


    Total Investment


    Wealth Gained


    Total Corpus Created (₹)

    With CAGR of 11.25 % in 5 years

    TATA Liquid Fund-Growth is an open-ended liquid fund provided by Tata Mutual Fund. The scheme invests in high-quality debt securities and money market instruments with  a maturity of up to 91 days. These instruments are corporate bonds, repo, treasury bills, certificates of deposits, etc. Earlier the fund was known as Tata Money Market Reg Gr. Liquid funds provide higher post-tax inflation-adjusted returns than the interest on a savings bank account. As the name suggests, Liquid funds are highly liquid in nature. You can redeem anytime with ease. These funds are a better investment option than parking your idle funds in a savings bank account.

    TATA Liquid Fund-Growth Investment Objective

    The investment objective of the Scheme is to generate reasonable returns with high liquidity to the unitholders. However, there is no assurance that the investment objective of the scheme will be achieved. The scheme aims to generate reasonable and regular returns with high liquidity. It achieves high liquidity by allocating its assets in multiple instruments with a maturity of up to 91 days. TATA Liquid Fund invests in an entire range of high-quality debt instruments in line with its investment objective. It achieves its objective through active management of its portfolio along with a lower interest rate risk.

    TATA Liquid Fund-Growth Scheme Details

    TATA Asset Management Company Limited had launched TATA Liquid Fund- Growth scheme on 1st September 2004. For the past 17 years, the scheme has been in existence. Since its introduction, the fund has been providing steady and regular income over the investment horizon at par with inflation along with the safety of capital invested by the investor.

    NAV and Returns – As of 24th June 2021, the NAV of the TATA Liquid Fund is Rs 3,248.36. The fund has a risk-o-meter of low to moderate risk. Hence, an investor who invests in this fund must understand that their principal investment is at a low to moderate risk. The fund has delivered a return on investment of 7.30% since its inception

    Minimum Investment – The fund has a minimum SIP investment requirement of Rs 1,000 and a minimum lump sum investment of Rs 5,000.

    Expense Ratio and Exit Load – The expense ratio on the fund is 0.33% of the NAV of the units of funds on the date of redemption. Here, the expense ratio charged by the fund is close to the expense ratio that other AMCs charge for similar category funds. Like other liquid funds, the fund charges an exit load on the redemption of the units of the mutual fund. The exit load applicable on the units to be redeemed will be at the rate prevailing at the time of the allotment of those units. 

    Investor exit upon subscriptionExit Load as % of redemption / switch out amount (including systematic transactions)
    Up to Day 10.0070%
    Day 20.0065%
    Day 30.0060%
    Day 40.0055%
    Day 50.0050%
    Day 60.0045%
    Day 7 OnwardsNIL

    Fund Manager – Currently, Ms. Amit Somani and Mr. Abhishek Sonthalia are co-managing the fund. Ms. Amit Somani has been managing the fund since 16th October 2020. Mr. Somani has over 19 years of experience in global and Indian financial markets. He specializes in credit analysis and fund management.

    Mr. Abhishek Sonthalia has been managing the fund since 6th February 2020. With over 10 years of industry experience, Mr. Sonthalia manages multiple funds provided by TATA mutual fund.

    Other Details – No lock-in period for the scheme, you can redeem any amount of investment anytime. The AUM of TATA Liquid  Fund as of 24th June 2021 is Rs 20,049 cr. The fund benchmarks to CRISIL Liquid Fund TR INR. 

    1 Year Return3.20 %
    3 Years Return5.40 %
    5 Years Return6 %
    10 Years Return7.5 %
    Returns Updated as of 24th June 2021

    TATA Liquid  Fund-Growth Top Stock Holdings

    The TATA Liquid Fund-Growth has invested its assets majorly in the debt instruments of the following companies:

    CompanyPercentage of Holding (As of 24th June 2021)
    91 Days Treasury Bill – Dated 08 July 202110.60%
    Axis Bank Limited5.80%
    Bajaj Housing Finance Limited4.80%
    Indus Towers Limited4.80%
    India (Republic of)4.80%
    National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development4.60%
    Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited4.60%
    Small Industries Development Bank of India3.90%

    Asset Allocation of TATA Liquid  Fund-Growth

    The TATA Liquid Fund-Growth has invested in the following debt instruments:

    SectorPercentage of Holding (As of 24th June 2021)
    Commercial Paper68%
    Treasury Bills22.11%
    Certificate of Deposit6.32%
    State Development Loan2%
    Government Securities0.54%
    Net Payables(2.22%)

    TATA Liquid  Fund-Growth Review

    Scripbox recommends TATA Liquid Fund-Growth within liquid mutual funds for investment. Liquid funds provide reasonable returns at par with inflation and relative safety of capital amount invested over the investment horizon. 

    1. TATA Liquid Fund- Growth is suitable for investors who seek regular income along with relative stability of capital and a high degree of liquidity. It is suitable for an investment duration of 1-5 years or longer.
    2. The fund has a history of 18 years. Such a wide history provides sufficient records for analysis of the performance of the fund. Moreover, the fund’s track record is excellent.
    3. With an AUM or relative size of Rs 10,257 cr, the fund is a leader in the liquid fund category.
    4. Over its existence of 17 years so far the scheme has performed well consistently by outperforming its benchmark.
    5. The impact of interest rate changes on fund value is quite low in comparison to other similar funds. 
    6. The fund has a high credit quality compared to other liquid debt funds in the same category. This indicates that it has lent to borrowers whose credit quality is good. With better borrowers, it ensures a low default risk or credit risk. 

    How Scripbox Algorithmically Selects Mutual Funds?

    Scripbox uses time-tested principles, historical data, and valid assumptions about asset classes. We combine them with a rigorous process to finalize which asset classes make the most sense for specific types of objectives, considering the time needed to achieve them.

    Once we select an asset class, our algorithm goes to work to select the best financial products.

    The algorithm scores financial products on multiple parameters, giving relevant weights to each of the listed parameters, such as:

    • Track record of the product – how long has it been around?
    • Assets under management – how big is it – for example, the size of a mutual fund
    • Liquidity – how easy is it to move in or out of the product?
    • Consistency of performance – how much have the returns fluctuated?
    • The risk associated with the product – what risks impact the product?
    • Quality of underlying assets – we assess how risky the underlying assets are – for example, by considering bond ratings in the case of debt funds

    With such a scientific and detailed approach Scripbox ensures:

    • Bias free product selection – commissions don’t sway our decisions
    • Minimal human intervention and thus minimal impact of emotions and behavioral biases
    • Consideration of the maximum number of factors that can impact an investment product
    • Application of logic to investment product selection 

    Our investment product selection science helps us help you, without biases clouding the evaluation.

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