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Invest in the best mutual funds recommended by Scripbox that are scientifically and algorithmically selected that best suit your needs. Let’s take a look at the top mutual funds to invest this year. Be it long-term, short-term, tax saving or your emergency needs. We have you covered.

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UTI Asset Management Co Ltd manages assets worth 139,084 crores and was set up on 3 December 1993. It’s current offering of mutual fund schemes includes 56 equity,485 debt and 34 hybrid funds.See top UTI Asset Management Co Ltd funds

UTI Asset Management Compnay has been frated the 7th largest ASM Company by CRISIL. They manage about 11 million live folios and have a client base of 12.8%. Being a part and parcel of Unit Trust of India, the Government of India holds about 74% stake in the Company. UTI AMC Limited offers wide range of products and have been a pioneer in launching various profitable schemes.

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Funds recommended by Scripbox for 2021

UTI Nifty Index Fund (G)

UTI Nifty Index Fund (G)

Index Funds


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₹ 3,669 Cr

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3Y returns

NRI Mutual Funds Questions & Answers

Frequently asked questions

How do I check my UTI Mutual Fund status online?

You can check the UTI Mutual Fund status through the UTI MF website. Once you log in to your account you will have the option to request for an Account Statement to be sent to the registered e-mail or a hard copy to be sent by post to a registered address.

How do I cash out my UTI Mutual Fund?

Several options to cash out UTI mutual funds, if you bought the units through an online direct account you can easily redeem them back through your account. If you are dealing with online portals you can still use them to submit the request to redeem your units. Other options to redeem can be through your agent or a Demat account in case you are registered with any of them

How do I close my UTI Mutual Fund Online?

You can simply close or cancel your SIP on UTI Mutual Fund through the UTI MF website. Login to your account online then access the SIP from the home page and from this page you can request to cancel your SIP.

Is UTI Mutual Fund Safe?

UTI is one of the leading Financial Services Institutions in India and over 50 years it managed to overcome economic turbulence and market changes. As an asset management company, it has a variety of funds to choose from. Use the risk meter to determine to which extent you are willing to take the risk and cheese your most preferred SIP from a variety of schemes.

How do I pay my UTI Mutual Fund Online?

You can pay your UTI Mutual Fund using your verification account number. Your account number can be UTI Investor ID, Karvy’s account number or ULIP membership account number. From your account you can fill in the payment details and submit the transaction, a unique transaction number will be generated for the payment

How do I update my KYC in the UTI Mutual Fund?

KYC compliance is mandatory for investors to undertake the investment transaction. In order to update your KYC, you need to download the CKYC KRA KYC Form and visit UFC for submission. You will be requested to provide the PAN as well as any verification document like Passport, Aadhar card or driving license.