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Invest in the best mutual funds recommended by Scripbox that are scientifically and algorithmically selected that best suit your needs. Let’s take a look at the top mutual funds to invest this year. Be it long-term, short-term, tax saving or your emergency needs. We have you covered.

Scripbox algorithm recommends 2-4 funds for investment for an investment asset class such as large cap, diversified, liquid etc. When you invest for an objective, the algorithm suggests the appropriate asset class and funds.


HDFC Asset Management Company Limited manages assets worth 420,996 crores and was set up on 3 July 2000. It’s current offering of mutual fund schemes includes 32 equity,111 debt and 29 hybrid funds.See top HDFC Asset Management Company Limited funds

HDFC Asset Management Company was started in the year 1999. Initially it was setup as a joint venture between HDFC and Standard Life Investment Limited (SLI) but subsequently thereafter in August 2018 it carried out its first public offering and became a puclic listed company. The Compnay presently has about 210 branches countrywide and about 70 thousand empaneled distribution networks.

Funds recommended by Scripbox for 2021

HDFC Index Nifty 50 fund (G)

HDFC Index Nifty 50 fund (G)

Index Funds


Top Ranked

₹ 2,343 Cr

Fund Size


3Y returns

HDFC Top 100 Fund (G)

HDFC Top 100 Fund (G)

Large Cap


Top Ranked

₹ 17,715 Cr

Fund Size


3Y returns

NRI Mutual Funds Questions & Answers

Frequently asked questions

Can NRI invest in HDFC Mutual Fund?

HDFC Mutual Fund is one of the investments allowed for NRI including residents of the US and Canada and it is available on both repatriable and non-repatriable basis according to regulations set by FEMA as well as the provisions of Schedule 5 of the Foreign Exchange Management

How NRI can buy mutual funds?

NRI can invest in mutual funds provided that they have an NRO or NRE account with an Indian bank since investment is allowed only in the local currency. Once the bank account is activated the NRI can invest in the direct mutual fund through any of the available channels like mobile apps or online.

Which is the best investment plan for NRI?

There are several investment options for NRI in India like the ones for Indian residents, some of those options are:

  1. Fix Deposit Bank Accounts: Providing interest better than interest on saving account balance 
  2. Mutual Funds: Invest in mutual funds after analyzing your financial goals
  3. Direct Equity: An investor must gain a good understanding of the market before investing
  4. Real Estate: A better investment option for long term investments
  5. Bonds and Non-Convertible Debentures (NCDs): NCD is another option for NRIs who are looking for investments apart from mutual funds or the stock market.
  6. Certificate of Deposit: These are basically short term investments for retail investors with fixed returns
  7. National Pension Scheme (NPS): NPS is a retirement plan. The maturity benefits from an NPS are taxable.
  8. Government Securities: Government securities are generally considered a low-risk investment.

Can NRI keep fixed deposits in India?

An NRI is not allowed to open a fixed deposit account that is tailored for Indian Residents only. However, there are specific fixed deposit schemes designed for NRI. An RI can invest in such fixed deposits provided that they are holding an NRO account and the amount is invested through this NRO account only.

Can NRI invest in PPF?

An NRI is not entitled to invest in Public Provident Fund Schemes. However, if an NRI is holding PPF before becoming an NRI, the investment can still be held until the maturity date on a Non-Repatriation basis. NRI cannot open a new PPF account or invest in PPF Schemes.

Can NRI invest in shares?

NRI can invest in stock markets after opening a Non-Resident External (NRE) Account with an RBI-approved bank and can only have a single PIS Account for investing in stock markets. The Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) has stipulated several rules for NRIs to invest in Indian stock markets via the Portfolio Investment Scheme (PIS). The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) regulates the PIS.

Which Demat account is best for NRI?

Stockbrokers offer Demat accounts for NRIs. A few are listed-below

– Zerodha NRI Demat Account

– IIFL NRI Demat Account

– Motilal Oswal

– ICICI Bank Demat Account

– Kotak Securities NRI Demat Account

An investor must consider factors such as annual charges, ease of use, and other factors before considering any Demat account provider.