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Kotak Gilt Fund (G)

Scheme Information


Asset Management Company (AMC) Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company Limited
Asset Class Type Debt
Inception Date Dec 29, 1998
Benchmark Nifty All Duration G-Sec Index
Objective The objective of the Plan is to generate risk-free returns through investments in sovereign securities issued by the Central Government and/or State Government(s) and/or any security unconditionally guaranteed by the Government of India and/or reverse repos in such securities as and when permitted by RBI. A portion of the fund may be invested in Reverse repo CBLO and/or other similar instruments as may be notified to meet the day-to-day liquidity requirements of the Plan. To ensure total safety of Unit holders' funds the Plan does not invest in any other securities such as shares debentures or bonds issued by any other entity. The Fund will seek to underwrite issuance ofGovernment Securities if and to the extent permitted by SEBI/ RBI and subject to the prevailing rules and regulations specified in this respect and may also participate in their auction from time to time.Subject to the maximum amount permitted from time to time the Plan may invest in securities abroad in the manner allowed by SEBI/RBI in conformity with the guidelines rules and regulations in this respect.There is no assurance that the investment objective of the Plan will be achieved. It is however emphasized that investments under the Plan are made in Government Securities where thereis no risk of default of payment in principal or interest amount.
Fund Manager Abhishek Bisen
AUM (In Crores) 465.85
Others: 3.9522%
Debt: 96.0478%
Minimum Investment Amount First Investment: 5000
Expense Ratio 1.47
Average Maturity 4139.10 Days
Modified Duration 2668.15 Days
Yield to Maturity 6.72%

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