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Axis mutual fund is launching a new equity scheme, “Axis Value Fund”, that follows an open ended investment strategy.

The listing date for Axis Value Fund is from September 2, 2021, to September 16th, 2021. The scheme re-opens for further subscriptions and redemptions within five days from the date of allotment.


Axis value fund’s primary objective is to offer long-term capital appreciation through its equity and equity related securities investing strategy. However, the scheme doesn’t guarantee that the primary objective of the fund will be realized.

Axis Value Fund Offer Details

Axis value fundDetails
NFO Opening Date2nd Sep 2021
NFO Closing Date16th Sept 2021
Re-open DateAfter five days from the date of allotment
Type of FundOpen-ended Equity scheme
Minimum Investment AmountRs. 5,000
Minimum Additional Purchase AmountRs. 1,000
Entry LoanNA
Exit Load0 -1%
SuitabilityModerately High
BenchmarkS&P BSE 200 TRI
Plans and OptionsRegular Plan & Direct Plan
Fund ManagerMr. Jinesh GopaniMr. Hitesh Das (for Foreign Securities)
  • All the investment amounts should be multiple of INR 1/-
  • Minimum SIP/STP for Quarterly frequency is INR 1,000/-
  • Minimum SWP for Quarterly frequency is INR 3,000/-
  • Exit Load – 1% if redeemed before 365 days and 0% if redeemed after.

Who Can Invest?

Axis value fund best suits investors who aim to create long-term wealth. The fund spreads its assets across equity and equity securities, indicating capital appreciation with protection from downside risk. Hence investors with a low understanding of risk can consider investing in the Axis value fund. Moreover, investors looking for equity and equity related instruments can invest in this fund. The fund suits investors with a minimum of 3+ years of investment horizon.

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Axis Value Fund Managers

Mr. Jinesh Gopani

Mr. Jinesh Gopani manages the equity portion of the Axis value Fund. He joined Axis mutual fund in 2011 and has more than 15 years of industry experience. Before joining Axis, he worked with Birla Sun Life mutual fund, Voyager India Capital Pvt. and Emkay Share & Stock Brokers Ltd. Mr. Jinesh is 41 years old and holds a Masters in Management from Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute of Management Studies.

Mr. Hitesh Das

Mr Hitesh Das is responsible for the overseas investments portion of the Axis Value Fund. He has more than ten years of industry experience and joined Axis in 2015. Before joining Axis mutual fund, he was with Barclays Securities India Pvt. Ltd. Mr Das has done PGDM, M.Tech and B.Tech. 

Funds Managed by Mr. Jinesh Gopani and Hitesh Das.

Asset Allocation

Types of InstrumentsIndicative Allocation MinimumIndicative Allocation MaximumRisk Profile
Equity and Equity Related Instruments80%100%High
Debt and Money Market Instruments020%Low to Medium
Units issued by REITs and InvITs010%Medium to High

Concluding Remarks

Axis Value Fund is an open-ended equity fund that offers an open end investing strategy edge to its investors. The fund has the flexibility to invest in equity and 20% in debt securities based on market conditions. The fund includes investment opportunity towards foreign securities including ADRs / GDRs / Foreign equity and debt securities not exceed 30% of the net assets though. 

Axis Value Fund scheme offers units for redemption and subscription at net asset value price. The fund commencing will not exceed 5 days from the date of allotment and the Axis mutual fund should dispatch the redemption within 10 working days.

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