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Keep up with your lifestyle even after retirement with extra income apart from your pension.

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Money should be your last worry afterv you retire. Invest small today for a worry free retirement.

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This plan works best when you have 10 years to retire.
Please explore Retirement Shield to setup a call with out team of experts who will guide you in picking plans best suited for you.

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We will help you put a practical action plan in place to achieve financial freedom.

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We help you estimate the amount you’ll need for your goals, taking inflation into consideration. Our blog provides you a jargon-free, deeper understanding of your money and investments.
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Easy online investing for your retirement plan with regularly monitoring of progress so that you stay firm on the chosen path.

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Having taken a VRS from the Indian Air Force and moved into Corporate sector , I realised that most of the “ fauji fraternity “ is very bad at Financial Planning . We land up living on our Pensions . This is not an ideal situation , considering the inflation. More often we are forced to do some “ investments “ based on the advice of our Banker who keeps an eye on our Bank Balance. Most of the advisors are not clued on market conditions and force products based on their target to sell . Ever since I consolidated my portfolio with Scripbox , I have been put at ease . Their valuable advice on investment and that too with no pressure makes a wonderful investing experience . I am quite happy with their services & advice . GOD BLESS
I'm happy with the financial guidance provided for a novice investor like me. I have been taking necessary actions as suggested by Scripbox and they never fail to deliver even at the time of market fluctuations. A special call out to the Support Team who have been in regular contact with me at the time of market crash which helped me in managing my financial anxiety to great extent.
My husband is in charge of the kids' education and retirement, I take care of our vacations. Since I started investing with Scripbox,it has resulted in more luxurious vacations!

Frequently asked questions

What is Beyond Pension?
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Beyond Pension is a plan exclusively built for Armed forces personnel who will get a pension after they retire.

The plan aims to help you invest via SIP every month till you retire.

Once you retire, the corpus accumulated can generate an amount equivalent to your estimated pension for 20 years after retirement (this plan has an in-built calculator that can estimate your pension at retirement).

The amount that you get every month will also increase by 5% per annum for 20 years.

Who is this for?
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Armed Forces Personnel who have at least 10 years to go before they retire.

If you are retiring in less than 10 years, please do not invest in this.

How can you calculate my pension today when I still have 20 years to retire?
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We take your income details and assume a 5% increase in income every year to arrive at your approximate pension upon retirement.

As and when inflation numbers fluctuate, our calculators will be updated.

Is this a pension plan that will give me an additional tax benefit?
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No, this plan is only meant to help you build a corpus that can supplement your pension.

This plan doesn’t give you an additional tax break. You will be taxed as per the existing rules governing equity and debt fund withdrawals.

Is this a ULIP plan?
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No. This plan invests money in Mutual Funds picked by the Fund Ranking & Selection Algorithm™

This plan does not offer insurance either.

I need more information about this plan
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Please write to us at or call us at 1800-102-1265

Can I withdraw before I retire?
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Yes you can withdraw anytime.

However, withdrawing before retirement may not give you the same amount as we forecasted while you setup the plan.


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