Core Mutual Fund Portfolio
Best equity mutual funds for your long term goals with inflation-beating growth while managing risk
Historical growth
5+ Years
Recommended duration
No lock-in

Discover the Scripbox science behind this plan, and how our automated best practices work for you

Optimise for Growth and Stability

We build the right portfolio with appropriate asset allocation (fund category) to achieve growth and stability

We recommend the following asset allocation for Core Mutual Fund Portfolio:
Large Cap
Flexi Cap
Large & Mid Cap
Floating Rate
Money Market
Ultra Short Duration
Large Cap funds
Provides long-term growth and stability by investing in companies with the largest market cap. 
Flexi Cap funds
More volatile than large caps, but boosts portfolio growth and manages volatility by investing across market capitalisations.
Large & Mid Cap funds 
Better growth than large cap, with some volatility, through a balance of large and mid cap stocks.
Value funds 
Offers good growth over the long term with stability, with a focus on value investing, and risk management through stock selection. 
Gold funds
Offers additional stability to your portfolio by investing in Gold ETFs and balancing the risk of equity funds. 
Floating Rate funds 
Offers growth, but with some volatility over the short term, by investing in fixed income instruments whose yields change with central bank benchmark rate changes.
Money Market funds
Provides safety of capital, high liquidity and manages volatility by investing in liquid debt securities like T-bills and commercial papers, with a maturity of up to 1 year.
Ultra Short Term funds 
Provides growth and safety of capital by investing in debt instruments like short-term papers, with a maturity of 3-6 months.

Fund Selection

Based on the asset allocation, Scripbox Fund Ranking Algorithm™ recommends the top funds in each asset class

Focus on growth options only
Most suitable from a tax-efficiency perspective
Eliminate small funds
Less flexibility as they are susceptible to redemption pressure
Eliminate funds without minimum 4-year track record
Recent short term performance may be misleading

Active Portfolio Management

After investing, a professional team of experts manage and monitor the portfolio

portfolio timeline
Scripbox Portfolio Audit™
Runs periodically to recommend switches, exits and asset allocation rebalance
Scripbox Annual Portfolio Review™
We review the performance of the portfolio and the funds on an annual basis and recommend changes to the basket, if any.
Our game-changing technology solution executes both of the above through a single click!

Tax Optimised Withdrawal

Scripbox Smart Withdraw™ powers tax-efficient withdrawal while optimising for lowest capital gains & exit loads.
When you decide to withdraw, we find the most tax-efficient way to withdraw by optimising for long-term capital gains.

What is this plan good for?

I am in my

Perfect time to start
You have time in your hands, your savings can grow immensely with this plan as you also invest in international equity. You can allocate what you have left after you have planned for your emergency fund.
Time to build wealth
To fulfill your long-term responsibilities, this diversified plan which also helps you invest internationally, will enable you to build wealth over the coming decades.You can allocate what you have left after you have planned for your emergency fund.
Give a boost to your retirement fund
You still have over a decade till retirement, enough to grow wealth substantially with this diversified equity based plan that also helps you get US market exposure. Aim to allocate a majority of your savings here after accounting for emergency fund and short term needs.
Keep your retirement ahead of inflation
This plan can help you keep, at least a part of your retirement savings ahead of inflation and keep growing your wealth. Aim to allocate a majority of your savings here after accounting for emergency fund and short term needs.