I stumbled across Scripbox.com after almost a decade of poor financial decisions. To me Scripbox.com represents the financial equivalent of a 'best friend'.

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6 reasons why investing with Scripbox is better than
your current broker or bank
Best Fund Selection
Only the best funds, every year.
We review all the 6000+ mutual funds available in the market and recommend the best consistently performing funds. You'll always have the best mutual funds in your portfolio.

Tax optimised withdrawals
We are the first mutual fund investment service with an algorithm that helps you reduce long term capital gains tax (LTCG) at the time of withdrawal.

Automated Investing
Automated Investing
We provide all the tools you need to automate your investing with a single click.

Tax Proof
Tax Calculation Assistance
Scripbox will generate your capital gains tax statement to help you file your advanced tax returns and annual IT returns.

Family Account
Family Accounts
A single login to track your entire family's mutual fund investments. We show you exactly how your money is performing.

Zero Fees
Zero Fees
Brokerages and banks typically charge you a per transaction fee for your mutual fund investments while Scripbox charges ZERO. Our service is completely free to you.

And most importantly, we have your best interest at heart
So go ahead and start growing your wealth safely and securely with Scripbox.

We are here to help you!