Why should you consider a US education for your child?

  1. It has the widest range of universities. 
  2. It has the most varied fields of study. 
  3. Most Indian parents prefer the US over all other countries for their child’s undergraduate or postgraduate program.
  4. The universities in the US give students the flexibility to choose their specialisations 2 years into the program. This gives them wide exposure to all the diverse disciplines and the chosen specialisation in their area of interest. 
  5. The empowering experience your child gets from being a part of the diverse community of students and faculty will better their personal and cultural growth.

In case you want to choose another country for your child’s education: Current and future college costs of most countries often mirror the prices of their US counterparts. Saving for a US education should have you adequately covered for one in the UK, Canada, Australia or Singapore. 

As we progress, the currency hedge feature of Global Graduate will also be applicable as INR rates against these currencies are calculated with USD as the base. (British pound is the exception).

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