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Why do you offer only 10 funds? Why am I not allowed to invest in other funds besides the 10 funds you recommend?

You can only invest in the Scripbox portfolio of funds through us. These diversified funds have been selected using a scientific algorithm and are most suited to a long term investor accumulating wealth.

Our algorithms for monitoring and tax-efficient re-balancing are designed to work with our recommended portfolios. We also believe that providing so many more options (more than 8,000) only creates confusion.

One of the main advantage of mutual funds is that, for a small amount of money, you can achieve diversification. However, one of the common myths prevailing even now is that the more mutual funds you invest in, the better diversified your portfolio is.

Based on our extensive analysis, we have found out that having more than 4 funds in your portfolio for a particular asset class does not give you any additional benefit of diversification. Instead of giving you the false image of highly-diversified portfolio, we decided to give you the best funds every year.

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