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When rebalancing, there's a gap of 10 days between units in old funds being sold and the sale proceeds being reinvested in your newly recommended funds. Will I miss out if the stock market does really well in those 10 days?

The simple answer is yes, there is a possibility of this happening. We built Scripbox for disciplined long-term wealth accumulation. While short-term market swings can certainly influence the price at which you buy or sell mutual fund holdings, we believe that a long-term approach works over trying to time the market. Thus, while possible, we do not believe you should worry about missing out due to a market rally while rebalancing is in progress, nor should you feel happy if you sit out a stock market downturn during the same period. These effects average out over time. We designed rebalancing to be easy and convenient so that you always stay current with the latest Scripbox portfolio of funds over the long-term.

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