What are the benefits of investing in Principal Protection and Growth plan?

Benefits of investing in Principal Protection and Growth plan:

  1. Principal amount is safe
    • As your money will be invested in the top Liquid funds, your principal amount (invested amount) will be safe.
  2. Better than FDs
    • The growth from Liquid funds are reinvested into index funds, every month, over the tenure, giving you up to 20% more returns than FDs.
  3. Better Taxation
    • Instead of 30% tax on FD returns, get indexation benefit on Liquid fund returns. and tax on Index fund returns may be applicable.Index funds are Equity funds and LTCG of 10% will be applicable instead of 30% on FDs.  See the example at the bottom of the sheet for a sample calculation. 
    • To know more, please click here. 
  4. Flexible investment plan
    • You can stop and/or withdraw at any time.

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