FAQs for Transaction Process

What is the ‘Transact’ tab?

‘Invest’ is now renamed to ‘Transact’
‘Transact’ brings together all your transactional requirements. You can do everything listed below and much more
a. Start a new investment, one-time or SIP
b. Explore new investment plans and products
c. View your existing investments
d. Track in-progress transactions
e. View Transaction History
f. Invest more in existing plans
g. Withdraw your investments
h. View and download your tax statements

Where can I find the transaction status of my investments?

You can view your transaction status from
‘Transact’ tab → View transactions

How do I invest more in existing plans?

You can invest more in existing plans from
A. ‘Transact’ tab → Invest more
B. ‘Home’ tab → Invest more

How can I withdraw from my investments?

You can withdraw from my investments from
A. ‘Transact’ tab → Withdraw
B. ‘Home’ tab → Withdraw

Where can I modify my SIP?

‘Transact’ tab → Invest in mutual funds → Manage an existing sip

Where can I find other investment options, like insurance, bonds and NPS?

‘Transact’ tab → Other Products

Where do I explore new plans to invest in?

‘Transact’ tab →  Invest in mutual funds  → Invest in scripbox plans

Where do I find new mutual funds to invest in?

‘Transact’ tab → Invest in mutual funds → Explore funds

How do I search for mutual funds I want to invest in?

‘Transact’ tab → Invest in mutual funds → Explore funds

Where can I find the plans/funds that I have invested in?

‘Wealth’ tab → Wealth → List of Plans per investor

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