I want to change my NRE or NRO bank accounts I am using for my Scripbox investments. How do I do that?

Due to COVID-19 outbreak, we are facing delays from KYC agencies & mutual fund companies with regards to bank, address and nominees change processes. We recommend you to defer raising these requests for a few weeks.

When changing bank accounts of the same type (NRO to NRO; or, NRE to NRE), you can change your bank details by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your Scripbox account. 
  2. Click on to Manage Account, Change Bank and Confirm 

Once you have provided us with your new bank account details you will receive an updated form for linking your new bank account and a letter requesting the mutual fund companies to update your bank details. This will need to be signed and sent to us. You will also need to attach a cancelled cheque leaf (with your name printed on it), or bank account statement of any duration, of the new account. 

At this time, the mutual fund companies do not support bank changes of different bank account types (NRO to NRE; or, NRE to NRO).

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