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I have investments in funds you no longer recommend, so why aren’t you suggesting an exit?

Funds we have stopped recommending are not necessarily worthy of an exit. They just don't feature in our algorithm's top 2 in a particular category like Large Cap, Mid Cap etc. 

When a fund is ranked 3 and beyond, we believe you shouldn't add more money into it. But we will recommend an exit only when it makes sense to do so if the costs - exit loads, losses or tax gains - are optimal. If the fund does fall below a threshold, we will recommend an exit.

Our feature ‘Scripbox Portfolio Scan’ helps you do all of the above. While we continuously monitor your portfolio, we recommend doing the ‘Scripbox Portfolio Scan’ thrice a year and will let you know if any action is required.

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If you need further assistance please feel free to reach us at 1800-102-1265