How will Scripbox help me save for my retirement?

We will help you put a practical action plan in place to create your financially freedom plan.

1. Financial goal setting:

  • Estimate the right amount you will need to generate a growing income that keeps pace with inflation. Our blog articles & factsheets will give you a better understanding to achieve financial freedom.

2. Personalised financial planning:

  • Use our advanced tools to create your personalised financial plan to achieve financial freedom. The plan is based on your age, expected retirement age, your current expenses, your current savings and potential increase in your income.

3. Right investments for your financial plan:

  • Decide on the right mix of investments that are suitable for your goal and for your personal preferences.

4. Actioning the plan and course correction:

  • Easy online investing for your Scripbox Retire Confident with regularly monitoring of progress so that you stay firm on the chosen path. We are your financial partners who work with you until your goal is achieved.

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