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How should one actually go about saving for children's college education in abroad?

  1. We recommend you start saving for this at least 4 years before the actual education starts. 
  2. Since there is at least a 4-8 year investment window, and a further 2-4 year drawdown period, equities is a good way to build a corpus for your child’s education. 
  3. Equities can either be domestic equities (Indian equities), or international equities (if your child plans to go to the US or any of the developed markets, US equities can be a good starting point).
  4. The advantage of investing in US equities is that not only you make US equity market returns, but your underlying assets are also priced in USD terms. 
  5. It eliminates the currency risk to your portfolio. Remember, your costs will be in USD and therefore having the asset also in USD can help eliminate currency risks.

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