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How is Scripbox Portfolio Scan different from ‘Rebalancing’ feature you had earlier?

Rebalancing was the periodic process of aligning your portfolio to Scripbox recommendations by exiting funds we no longer recommend and reinvesting the amount you get into the current set of funds. After introduction of long term capital gains in April 2018, we stopped doing this due to the high tax cost associated with exiting a fund.

But the problem of having too many funds and funds which may stop performing in your portfolio remains.

We have developed the portfolio scan feature to continuously monitor your portfolio and provide personalised recommendations.

With this, you get:

  1. Personalised review of the funds you are invested in. 
  2. Exiting under-performers and adding to recommended funds
  3. Portfolio decluttering by exiting small holdings

Hope we helped! Why not get started with your Scripbox.
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