How is Scripbox Dream Planner better than taking a loan?

Scripbox Dream Planner helps you fulfill your dreams without taking a loan or getting in debt.

  1. The interest put by the bank on your loan amount increases the cost of your goal. If you invest, the growth of your money pays for a part of your goal. 
    Let’s say your goal is to buy a car that costs Rs 5,00,000. Assuming the interest rate is 10%, you’d end up paying Rs 5,80,000 by the end of a tenure of 3 years. If you start investing towards your goal, you’ll pay only Rs 4,30,000 to buy that car with the rest taken care of by the growth your money gets.
  2. Loan is a liability whereas an investment isn’t. A loan comes with the pressure of clearing it while an investment on your goal comes with the anticipation of fulfilling that dream. 

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