How does Scripbox Global Graduate work?

We will partner with you in your financial journey and be with you till you achieve the goal.

  1. Goal: We will help you figure out how much a good education is going to cost.
  2. Plan: Our advanced tools will help you create your personalised financial plan for the goal. The plan takes into consideration inflation as well as nuances such as your existing savings, yearly increase in the cost of education and how much you can contribute while your child is in college. Our website has facts and all the data you will need, and our blogs will help you gain a deeper understanding. All this in jargon-free language!
  3. Invest: Scripbox will help you invest. We provide you with a basket of diversified, algorithmically-selected, Indian and US-focused mutual funds.* 
  4. Review: Our automated tools track your progress towards the goal and also recommend a change in the funds if there are better ones. 

In order to start investing in Scripbox Global Graduate, please click here.

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