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How does Scripbox Global Graduate work?

We will help you right from the first step which is financial goal setting to the final step of plan implementation and course correction.
  1. Goal: We will help you estimate the cost of your child's education, considering the decreasing value of the rupee against the dollar as well as the yearly increase in the cost of education. Our website has facts and the data you need and our blogs will provide a deeper understanding.
  2. Plan: With Scripbox you will have access to advanced tools to create your personalized financial plan towards your child's global education. This plan incorporates both the mathematics of inflation and investing as well as practical nuances such as aligning your savings to your increasing earnings over time.
  3. Invest: Scripbox will help you invest. We provide you a basket of algorithmically-selected Indian and US-focused mutual funds.* 
  4. Review: Our automated tools will track your progress to the goal and also help you review your plan in line with changing assumptions and realities so that you can take corrective action in a timely manner. 
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