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How do I create a Scripbox account for my child who is a minor ?

You can create a Scripbox account for your child/minor by clicking on “Add a Family Member” in your Scripbox account. 

Please note: 

  • For your child’s account you will have to provide bank account details which are in your child’s name . 
  • The guardian of the minor’s bank account & guardian of minor’s Scripbox account has to be one & the same person. 
  • If you are adding a joint bank account details, then your child has to be one of the bank account holders, preferably the primary account holder. 

In case you/guardian don't have an account with us, then you need to create a Scripbox account & then add your child / minor as a family member in your Scripbox account. 

Hope we helped! Why not get started with your Scripbox.
If you need further assistance please feel free to reach us at 1800-102-1265