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How can I change my Reliance Low Duration Fund's Debit Card PIN?

The PIN of your Reliance Low Duration Fund's Debit Card can be changed in two ways:

  1. ATMs: You can do so at any HDFC Bank ATMs. Just follow the instructions on the screen.

  2. Online: Please find the steps to activate the green PIN for your Reliance Low Duration Fund's Debit Card.
  • Open the page:
  • Click on Register and enter the folio number.
  • Click on “ATM Services” on the portfolio page.
  • A new webpage will open
  • Please select Manage PIN for Debit Card
  • Please select the folio/ Pre-selected if only one folio is mapped to a debit card to change the PIN
  • Post Folio selection, RMF/ Karvy will send an OTP to investor registered mobile number/ email id
  • RMF/ Karvy to validate OTP.
  • Post OTP validation, investor to enter and re-enter the PIN.

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