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How am I able to invest in US Equity? Do I need to worry about any foreign investment rules?

Yes, it is possible to do so without having to worry about any foreign investment regulations or forex hassles. There are International fund of funds launched by Indian mutual fund companies that invest in US based mutual funds. You get...


How is ‘Wealth Edge’ different?

Scripbox Wealth Edge replaces “Long Term Wealth” for select investors, like you, with a large, growing portfolio.It is: An expanded and more diversified portfolioWith additional sub-asset classes: US Equity to diversify across a non-correlated market, and Mid Cap to create...


How does the upgraded portfolio help me?

The expanded portfolio mixes potential for growth with additional diversification. In this portfolio, Large Cap provides stability, Mid Cap provides additional growth and US Equity provides geographic diversification. Mid Cap: While mid cap investments were already available to you as...


Do I need to change my portfolio now?

No. You can change your portfolio at any time. We recommend that you do this soon to benefit from the expanded portfolio.  If you don't do anything, your SIP (standing instruction) will go through as-is and you will continue to...


Why are you not displaying Nifty performance against my returns any longer?

Since the portfolio comprises multiple sub-asset classes with different behaviour, comparing them to a single reference is no longer possible. We will soon roll out a new way to review the performance of your investments, that will account for this.

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