US/Canada NRI


Why can’t I see the Scripbox guided path when investing?

Due to limitations imposed by mutual fund companies on investments by US/Canada NRIs, we are no longer able to provide you with the right recommendations. Hence, this feature has been disabled. You will still be able to invest in funds...


What will happen to my current investments?

Your current investments will not be impacted. You will be able to view all your investments on Scripbox. Some plans may be clubbed into Core Mutual Fund Portfolio.


Will my SIPs get cancelled?

No, your SIPs will not be impacted.


Will I get any notification if the ranking of the funds I have invested in gets updated?

No, a separate notification will not be sent. You can view your Fund Quality split on the mutual funds tab of 'My Wealth'.


Will I be able to invest in all funds?

No, you will only be able to view and invest in funds that US/Canada NRIs are eligible for.

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